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(standard material)

Guaranteed for 5 years against any and all defective materials or workmanship


Steel – 1.315″ Diameter, .065 wall thickness round steel tubing finished as follows:
Outside – Galvanized, chromated and clear polyurethane coated
Inside – Painted with 86% zinc rich paint.
Aluminum – 1.315″ Diameter, .065 wall thickness aluminum round tubing available by request for a small additional charge.


Cast aluminum to match tubing. Interior slip-fit designed for a welded look, yet allowing versatility.


(where specifically specified in written quotation)

Guaranteed for 1 year against any and all defective materials or workmanship

Steel Tubing – 1 square x 1/10″ thick wall, steel tubing, where specified in an accompanying written quotation. All joints are welded and brushed clean. Surfaces in contact with fabric covers are ground smooth to prevent chafing or wear on fabric. Steel frames are primed and painted black after manufacture.

Aluminum Tubing – Aluminum frames, where specified in an accompanying written quotation are manufactured from  1” square T6063- T5 square aluminum tube. Unpainted mill-finish is standard on all aluminum frames unless otherwise specified in written quotation


Suntec awnings shall be installed with 3/16” thick X 1” wide aluminum or zinc plated “z” brackets. Brackets shall be  installed at top and bottom of awnings. ¾” x #12TEK screws with plated washers shall be drilled through the  brackets into the frame members. Where applicable, silicone caulking shall be applied at the tops of the awnings.  Awnings shall be installed level and plumb. Continuous awning frame section shall be installed square and true to  adjacent section. All hardware shall be plated to protect against corrosion.

Frames are guaranteed to withstand up to 50 MPH windload using Suntec’s installation specifications. Suntec  installation is guaranteed for 1 year from date of completion of installation.

Awnings can be engineered to meet special codes and windloads up to 110MPH by request.


All fabrics used by Suntec Industries, unless specifically excluded, are subject to a pro-rated manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years. Some 8 year warranty vinyl fabrics are available. All warranties are subject to manufacturer’s conditions. Suntec Industries guarantees any complete awning, which includes frame and fabric, that is produced in our facility not to have more than 5% wrinkles on the surface and no single wrinkled area greater than one square foot. All straight surfaces are attached by means of awning molding. In the unlikely event of the fabric being loosened by damage, more tension can be applied by simply removing set screws and applying more tension. No awning can be guaranteed absolutely waterproof.

Seams are double stitched, overlapped seams are used to connect the fabric panels and 2 lines of thread are visible. Any seam not overlapped are sewn once, then top stitched.

Due to the width of the fabrics, overlapped seams may not line up with rafters. On 240 and 250 Series awnings, Suntec Industries cannot guarantee exact lining up of seams with rafters due to stretching of fabric.

All Suntec Industries awnings are sewn with GORETEX thread, which is warranted against failure for the life of the fabric sewn. It is available in black, red or white.


Variations in dye-lots from the fabric manufacturer, damage from water, snow, ice or debris collecting on the awnings, wear on floppy valance due to wind.

Liability for the suitability or unsuitability of a product for a particular use or environment. Suntec Industries will not be responsible or liable for direct, indirect or consequential damages or loss resulting from its awnings or their installation.