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For over 35 years Suntec Signs & Awnings has been providing the Dallas/Fort Worth region with high quality commercial signs and awnings. We specialize in helping you promote your business with a selection of custom signs including banner signs, blade signs, channel letter signs, illuminated signs, monument signs, pylon signs and routed letter signs. All of our signs and awnings are produced locally in our 68,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Dallas, TX. Our sign manufacturing process features equal parts old world quality craftsmanship combined with the latest tools and technology.

suntec signs & awnings cost priceThe United States Small Business Administration states, “signs are the most effective, yet least expensive, form of advertising for the small business.” Suntec Signs & Awnings is ready to work with you to get the sign solution for your business that will start bringing in the customers.

Listed below are some of common types of commercial signs Suntec manufactures:

  • Banner and Blade Signs single or double-face, vertical signs that project out from the face of a building.
  • Channel Letter Signs individual letters 3 to 6 deep that can be non-lighted, have lighted faces or metal faces with reverse halo lighting with neon or LED illumination.
  • Illuminated Signs allow for night time visibility with LED, neon or florescent lighting.
  • Monument Signs free-standing signs for single business or multi-tenant identification.
  • Pylon Signs¬†tall, free-standing signs often used for multiple tenant locations.
  • Routed Letter Signs¬†individual flat cut letters manufactured from a variety of materials.

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    How Can Our Commercial Signs Help Your Business Grow?

    According to a 2012 Ketchum Global Research & Analytics and ORC International study:

    • 76 percent of consumers have entered a store simply because the sign caught their interest; 79 percent remembered the business at a later time
    • 63 percent were deterred from entering a store by misspellings on the sign; the absence of signs deterred 58 percent
    • 34 percent said that two signs was the optimum amount for a business to have on or around its storefront; 19 percent said three signs; 83 percent said one to three signs with the rest saying four or more signs
    • 68 percent think a store’s signage is reflective of the quality inside
    • 90 percent are more likely to try out a business if the sign is easily readable
    • 70 percent said the name of the business was the most important element on a sign, followed by type of business (65 percent), logo (40 percent) and tagline (27 percent)